Welcome to OMT! Invite your friends and compete with them, be better everytime and always have fun!

Current support: KEYBOARDS & MOBILE ONLY (Full xbox soon!)

🔨 Update log.

- {"NEW OMT STORAGE SLOTS (1 paid 1 free)"} -
- {"Replaced SPTW / MR / Tusk Nail Auras"} -
- {"Replaced MR & MR Shiny Model"} -
- {"C-Moon shiny unob"} -
- {"Shadow / Ghastly GE Shiny(and sub shiny) Going unob soon (Avaliable now)"} -
- {"Reworked Roadroller"} -
- {"Fixed Doppio KC's TE"} -
- {"Added endlag to doppios stuff"} -
- {"Fixed new dash anim"} -
- {"You can now see King OMT's Health"} -
- {"Heavily optimized VFX"} -
- {"Added new hat icon"} -
- {"Tried to improve Lighting"} -
- {"Made OMT Storage on the BACKPACK BUTTON ON THE TOPBAR"} -

Codes are being posted in the server, it would be amazing if you joined!

Shutdown = Update, don't be scared, there's not gonna be data loss.

Trello Name: one-more-trello

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