Christmas Rush Classic will no longer open. It is old, broken, and obsolete.

Due to lack of filtering, the game is acceptable to exploiters and hackers. This vulnerability is a security risk to the game and I do not want to manage a game like that. I will be spending more time trying to prevent hackers and exploiters than it's worth, so I decided to shut down this version of the game. No, I will not add filtering to this game so I can open it. It's a 4 year old game that hasn't been touched in the past two years. I have no reason to continue supporting this game.

If you want to play Christmas Rush, the new game is here:

This has everything from the original version, but more polished up and updated. It also includes a ton of new features such as more toys, quests, delivery mode, larger map, and more.

All game passes from this version has been transferred to the new version (in some form). Read the description of the game 

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