📌 woewoeisland produce.
🔆Ucomelgo is a variable asymmetrical team competitive game. 
🔮In the unique and dynamic online arena, players in two teams will each be on the attacking and defending sides.
🗡️The attacking team need to hold the inflatable hammer in their hands and find the fleeing defending team to attack them. Every time you knock out one opponent, you get one point for your team!
🛡️The defending team need to hide their tracks and find the button to regain the precious opportunity to attack. 
♾️On top of that, we've got lots of little surprises for you to make sure every game  is unforgettable!
📣If there are any comments or suggestions during the tour, our group is waiting for your joining. A bunch of updates will coming soon, please support us with more “likes” and “follows“.Your support will be the greatest motivation for our continuous operation!
 🏝See you on the island!

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