I Will give FREE VIP at 2,000 Visits! Uncopylocked at 100k. Keep it coming.  The VIP Will last for 2 months!  PLEASE VISIT SOLO TO DOWNLOAD THE MESHES, OTHERWISE, YOU WONT SEE THE GUNS.  NEW::: TEAM!!! HUMANS!!  AND ADDED DECALS TO THE WEAPONS!  Any Ideas? Bugs? Pm me and i will fix it Right away.
  To go behind the scene for the next gen thats coming up in this place, look up DragonTransformAlt in people, and test the place.  An Exicting Sequel to The Movie, Comes the Game.. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen ROBLOX VERSION!!!  DUN DUN.. DUN!!!  There is a team change script, say join (TeamName to Change)  Rules are...    Rule 1:  No Waiting outside to spawnkill.  Rule 2:  Do not cuss.  Rule 3: Do not get in fights. TAGS: Telamon Roblox Hi Bye Ice128 Roller Coaster In Space cool fun Trampoline ultimate build SinisterAlex pwned rocket fight fun superfun sleepover transformers Better MegaTron Awsome fun.

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