In the aftermath of technological dissent, the great nations that once ruled the world lie in ruins. Small insurgencies run rampant across this newly post-apocalyptic world. Fend for yourself and your own army in the changing world.
How will you command your army to restore the world's hierarchy in these dire times? Will you choose to crush those around you with a iron fist, or will you choose to take the world with a methodical approach? In Vision's Edge, these concepts are fully explored through complex strategy and map geography. Inspired by the latter TC3, Vision's Edge will pave the way for ROBLOX RTS.
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🔨 Developer Team 🔨
Project Head: LordAtheons 
Project Manager: Swagging_Melons
Lead Scripter: Commersant, KollowMC
Lead Modelers: Swagging_Melons, SipofReality, ZachVanzant 
A thank you to others who have not been listed.


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