Gardens vs Graves Battlegrounds. Team plants or team zombies? In GvG Battlegrounds play as one of the many classes and fight it out over various objectives! Use your character's weapons, skills and abilities to overcome the enemy!


[53] - Two new maps, F Posing Hoshpup! Pets are now useful!

[52.5] - New lobby!

[52] - Christmas Event! Community skins, Rooftop Troubles winter edition, balance changes, one class rework and more!
[51] - Grasslands Classic! Candyland returns! Community skins!

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Mobile and Gamepad compatible!
[PC]: C to change camera mode (freecam, first and third person), Q, E, F and Left Shift for abilities
[Gamepad]: L1, R1 and LT for abilities
[Mobile]: Buttons

Exploiting or abusing glitches will result in timed or permanent bans.


There are currently no running experiences.