Car crushers 2 is the perfect game when you just feel like destroying stuff for fun! Smash your car in one of 44 different crushers, play demolition derby against other players, nuke the whole server while escaping to safety or just drive around for fun. The game currently features over 240 unlockable vehicles with content added regulary!

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New patches:
- Fixed race bugs
- Added Race PVP setting
- You can now respawn during races
+ More!

Update 33:
- Added 4 new cars (Marked as "New")
- Added 6 new race tracks 
- Added a Race Class stat to all cars, which defines how good the car is at racing
- You can now earn Credit prizes for winning a race
- Added special race competitions, which give up to 300 credits & a lot of money
- The race menu now has camera effects & music
+ Much more!

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