*NOTE: As of January 8th, 2022, this game is actively being remastered. The last time this version was updated was mid-2021, so there may be some bugs. Get ready for the game to change completely when it is updated. Additionally, all save data will reset when the game is updated.

- Description -
Battle Burst is a fast-paced combat game! It combines ranged and melee weapons in head-to-head battles on a fair playing field. Are you a melee person? You'll get a slight speed boost to dodge those pesky bullets. Ranged all the way? Your weapon will take longer to reload and will emit a loud sound. So play Battle Burst, and enjoy whatever playing style you like.

- Updates -
Major updates are currently on a monthly release schedule. (This is subject to change when school gets out). Join the SwiftStorm Studios group to receive the latest update news.

- Credits -
This game was developed by @NickIsANuke and @ChasonStuff on SwiftStorm Studios.


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