Can you be the first person to Jump into the Rose? 🌹

Welcome to HeyRosalina's obby game! You have 6 minutes to get through 6 randomly generated stages and Jump into the Rose! 😍
Join our Roblox Group for an exclusive 'Roses Trail' ✨

Collect as many Roses as you can and try to be on the top of the Global Leaderboards! 🏆

Complete challenges and unlock special Bracelets! 📿
Current Obtainable Bracelets - Yellow, Green, Pink, Gray, Red

Find Secret codes throughout the map and even on some stages! Secret codes can be redeemed in the settings! 🙊

Are you experiencing lag? Try disabling the flowers in the settings for a greater experience! ⚙️

There are currently 30 unique stages! 🤯

VIP Server owners have access to /skip command to get faster Wins and Roses! 😮

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