This is an unofficial fan-made RP game and the original Undertale game can be found on Steam.


1. Don't advertise your game on our game.
2. Don't be rude to players or admins.
3. Don't spam in chat.
4. No Shipping / Crushes. (It's gross)
5. Don't ask for admin or VIP.
6. Don't ask for things from admins.
7. Don't exploit and ruin others times.
8. Don't give out the codes.
9. No godmodding.
10. No spamming save points.
11. No crossovers.
12. Have fun and follow the rules!
(Failing to follow the rules can get you banned)

Map: ZeldaTheDestructor and ZodiacTheCreator
Morphs: Link2578, ZodiacTheCreator, and ZeldaTheDestructor
Spawn: ZeldaTheDestructor and ZodiacTheCreator

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