(READ RULES BELOW) UNDERTALE is back in ROBLOX With an all-new Under-tastic Fighting Game! If anything glitches out (ex. UNDYNE'S SPEAR) reset and the glitch will be fixed! FEATURES: 2 Maps: Judgement Hall and Standard Battle Arena ### Choose Frisk, Chara, Sans etc. Characters have cool attacks! More maps coming soon! RULES: 1. ABSOLUTELY NO PVP IN SPAWN 2. don't spawnkill 3. Don't insult others based on their character choice 4. ONLY TAKE 1 KIT!!!! Anyone who takes more and is in the owners group will be demoted and/or kicked from the group. 5. No hacking or cheating of any kind. If you read the rules say "I read the rules" in the chat after saying hi or something. 6. HAVE FUN!!! "Super Undertale Bros. is your best game" - ####### "Finally a cool UNDERTALE fighting game!!" - crocodileseatyou "Just AWESOME" - The Awesome Undertale Club (please no copyright strike Nintendo I made this for fun)

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