The Southside Shopping Mall has just opened and in all honesty it's a mess. The janitor was supposed to clean it all up, but has called in sick. Do you dare to go on a shopping spree? 

• Added some Christmas spirit!

• Added new VIP profession; Thief. Enables a game-in-game for VIP's where thiefs can rob cash registers and mall cops can hunt thiefs down to rescue the cash. Both cops and thiefs can take each other out with guns.

• Added a new VIP profession; Mall Cop, that gives VIP players ability to shoot and destroy obstacles to help other players. 

• Added a new VIP profession; Ice Cream Vendor, that can give away ice cream that increase player speed. 

• Added VIP room that gives VIP players the ability to work in the mall, as different professions, in order to help other players succeed with the obstacles. The Janitor can clean up deadly mess, the Ballon Mascot gives away balloons that increase jump height. The Barista hand out coffee

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