SPOON - Hit people with a comically large spoon
We are aware of an issue with hackers. It will be fixed in the next update.

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FREE Private servers!
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🚨If you buy a gamepass, you'll have to rejoin to get it! 🚨

If we catch you exploiting in the game, it results in an instant ban, no appeals.
Account has to be 30 days or older to play.

1.9 Changelog:
- Expanded map just abit
- added spatula
- changed the theme to fall 🍂
- Removed Almighty
- Revamped UI
- Added admin system so we can ban people when they're offline

BIG thanks to @davidslevs for scripting
Thanks to @TraitorousLegacy for making the v1 spoon weapon
Everything else by me (@Tux2D)

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