🎈 you've been here before...

🎈 "recollection" is an extensive exploration and hangout game designed to reach far into your deepest nostalgic memories.

🎈 join the group for 100 bonus memories

🎈 are you brave? try out spooky mode (settings icon > spooky mode)

. . .

💬 Chat commands: /hidetag /showtag

. . .

VR compatible!

5+ graphics recommended, this game can be demanding. (NOW WITH PBR TEXTURES!)
⚠ EPILEPSY WARNING: This game contains flickering, flashing, and moving lights! Play at your own risk. ⚠

. . .

developers: rxne, artificialsugarr, Ryanduck, LoveliestJacob

update log:

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TAGS: dream spaces backrooms dreamcore weirdcore kidcore space hangout hang out spatial voice vc lgbtq community scp art artist explore showcase exploration show case high graphics dream weird glitch kid glitchcore world aesthetic vibe lgbt furry furries limᵒinal space vibe core explore


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