⚔️Norway Defence C. 1941⚔️

This game is still in development! Expect bugs, issues and missing content.

📌 Information📌
Norway Defence C.1941 is a game based around the hills of Norway in World War 2. You are a small German group left by the rest of your Platoon and are left to fend of hordes of Allied soldiers. Work together to survive and gain experience to unlock new items.

The game includes waves which will gradually get harder, defeat all enemies in order to progress onto the next stage until you win the game! Good luck!

🔨 Credits 🔨
- ScottFaber - Programmer
- Cronquere - Terrain Artist
- Skyquere - Project Managment
- Faber Systems
- Flames of War Community
- Hammer Works

📯 Join the battle!

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