- The Wasteland finally got the update it deserves! Along with it comes with new NPCs you can fight!
- Buffed Daddy Dearest and gave him new faces!
- Added New songs to Daddy Dearest & Soul Boy.XML!
- Added New Faces to Senpai (Neo & Regular) & Julian! [Made by Cuackbert]

The FNC team:
Zellzm - Tha Owner
lucaswithaknife - Curent Map
OryTheGamer - Hank/Grunt Stuff & The Sphere Explosion You See Copied Several Times
loer16 - Scripting
Cookie_Devit - Most Scripting & Modelling
NokiSen - Anticheat, Bug Fixing, Some Particles
Monstercrab - Pico's model + Pico's Particles
ToonTown7788 - Model & Idea Contributor
Bismalq /bleedcrying - Most Particles 
Smoreaper - Scripting/Other Particles :)
Cuack_Bert - Some face decals

The FNF team for creating an amazing game. (Ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade, evilsk8r, etc.)
The FNF Modding Community as a whole.
A Bizarre Community for the ABD Kit.


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