❄️ New Limited Time Map here to celebrate the new year!
💎 Map Gem Bonuses are Doubled this week!
🎆 New Pack (New Years Pack)
💪 New "Open All" pack feature, Open all your packs at once!
🐶 Tons of New Skins to collect!
🏆 Level Cap raised to 100!
🎄 Christmas and New Years packs will be removed next update, open them while you can!
🐛 Bug Fixes

Next Update:
- New Tower
- Sandbox Mode
- Leaderboards
- More

Welcome to Bubble Gum Tower Defense! 

Team up with your pets to defend against waves of bubbles in a variety of maps! Upgrade your pets to make them stronger and deal more damage!

Different pets have unique upgrades, skills, and activated abilities that will aid you in your bubble-popping journey.

Co-op with up to 3 other players, working with each other to form new strategies to take down the bubbles!

Customize your inventory with all new and unique pet skins!

A game by Rumble Studios.


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