[Warning] This game contains flashing and strobing lights.

Matt, Tord, Sketchy, Tricky, Kapi, Neon, Agoti, Garcello & Carol.

[PC Controls] WASD or Arrow Keys, you can also change your keybinds in settings.
[Mobile Controls] Full Screen Touch Buttons
[Console Controls] D-Pad or XYBA

Kinda like FNF. Battle your friends, make your own charts/maps, and have fun!

Press m for the song editor.

Credit to the original game made by
ninjamuffin99 - Programmer
PhantomArcade3K & Evilsk8r - Art
Kawaisprite - Musician

Most assets and mods were available through FNF's apachi 2.0 license.

Credits for this game
Qnixu - Builder, Scripter
DetectiveVoyager - Builder, Contributor
Mastersword2275 - Builder, Contributor
littlekeven2234 - Game Icon Artist

FNF, Rhythm, Song, Beat, Song Editor, Map editor, song mapper, Friday night funkin, chart editor, PVP, Beat Box Battle, Game, Mic Drop

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