Welcome to Club Astra! Come and vibe with Carl and your friends. Relax and chill for as long as you want for the greatest experience you will see at the club featuring many dances, levels, visualizers, custom seat animations, minigames, and more.

🚨Version 1.1.0🚨

- Club Astra Accessories🎩
- Dance Syncing🕺🕺
- More Dances💃
- Custom Song Requests🎵
- Public Pool!🏊
- New settings to customize the club and features!⚙️
- Bug Fixes🛠️

VR Support is unstable at the moment so please be aware of possible issues!

To sync use "/sync [username]" to join and "/leavesync" to stop. 

This game is in early release so you may see bugs. Please report in the server! 👇Social Links👇
TT: @therobloxcarl

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