Welcome to ⚔Infinite Level up⚔!

Move, encounter, buy Items, and be reborn.
Level up as much as possible 😎😎😎

Enter the code : 'InfInIte'
More codes are in our group!
200 Like Code : gODIsHerE46
When this game reaches 500 likes, new code will be released!

Update notes :

4/6 Update note
1. Each rebirth now give 300 all stats and some diamonds
2. New zones(Up to 450000lv) are now available
3. Leaderboard is reset daily
4. You can get rewards by entering the code.
5. Some badges are added

4/7 Update note
Now you can kill player with a sword!
- There is no penalty for death from the player.
- When killed by a player, a shield will protect you for 10 seconds.
- Players with max level below 100 cannot be attacked

📝 This game is basically inflation RPG, Credit to Tatsuki Sasaki for the game idea
📝📝 We are currently in beta stage and preparing some awesome updates

Thank you guys for playing INFINITE LEVEL UP! 😍😍


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