Welcome to ADCO! 😊

Arenoir's Difficulty Chart Obby is an obby that gets harder and harder as you progress! Each zone will get trickier and will test your skills even more than the last!

⚠️ If you're lagging, make sure to lower your graphics and turn off particles using the ⚙️ icon!

⏰ This game has speedrun leaderboards for each difficulty! Can you be the best?

⚠️ Press 'R' to reset

📷 You can watch replay tutorials to see how to beat tough stages!

⚙️ Settings can be changed by clicking the cog icon!

🏃 Join Obby Legion 2 for a free [MEMBER] tag in-game!

✨ Roblox Premium members get a [PREMIUM] tag!

💡 Current stages: 250

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