Update: When completing a Level, a trophy will appear in level 1.

❗Thank you all for the visits! And thanks to the creator of Escape Running Head (@manato48)❗

❗Also big thanks to Albert/Flamingo (@mrflimflam) for creating the characters used in the game!❗

Update logs:
Update1 : Stage 2, Stage 1 Fixes
Update2: Stage 3
Update4: Boss Battle
Update5: Gamepasses and skip stage
Update6: Badges!
Update7: Faster gun developer product for boss battle.
Update8: Stage selection base
Update 9+: Optional Levels

This is similar to an obby. Inspiration taken by escape the running head game.

Can you escape the head? The Running Head?

This is an obstacle course (Obby) where there are a lot of Felipe heads. Don't forget to like.

Fellitpe will not let you live.
He will talke any chances
Felliape. Feliiape. F e l i p e.

🔊Main background theme: "Tokyovania" by SharaX
Some music from Undertale/Deltarune🔊


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