Hello there!
We accidentally published 1.5b to the real game, meaning it had to be closed for now.
Please stay patient, about 1 week is left in development!

Welcome to Flex your time 2!
The game all about being in the game. Rack up a new top time while exploring the city, chatting with friends, and doing tasks!, and more!
🤔 Bored? Look out for the NPC’s! These helpful fellows will give you fun tasks to do, with more added regularly!
🗨️ Invite your friends to play and talk! You can even RolePlay!
🧭 An entire city to explore!
🚗 Cars added monthly, with 1 right now!
🕓 The main objective: Stay in the game! Your time will be global and visible to all. 100% flexing rights granted.
💪 Earn Flex Points by staying in the game for 20,40 and 60 minutes in a row.

Version 1b

Update log:

Premium Benefits
- Chat Tag

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