🌟 Have you got what it takes to master Master's Difficulty Chart Obby? 🌟

🏁 Once you've got as far as you can, you can optionally rebirth to collect points to spend in the shop... and then do it all over again! 😀

⚪ Currently featuring 380 stages of a variety of obstacles and difficulties from Effortless to Master!

📈 Your progress saves so you can always return to the last stage you completed!

💀 Press R to reset!

🔵 Created & Scripted by MasterDaniel.
Additional stages built by bluirre, milanomaster, obama_ismymum68 and POTato12623

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difficulty chart obby parkour effortless very easy medium hard difficult challenging intense insane extreme wraparound wallhop DCO TOH stages rage obby obstacles difficult remorseless parkour obby Difficulty Chart Obby 


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