⭐Welcome to FNAF: Shattered Worlds!⭐
👍This is a fangame of FNaF. All credit goes to Scott.

F:SW is a FNAF fan game with every single game made by Scott and Steel Wool, with many different characters to play with!

🎥 Audio and music are both safe for content creators to use in any F:SW-related content.

Please note the game is still in development, therefor this early access will only contain the FNAF 1 location and characters.

👷 MittensTheCat1O1  - Owner
👷 DrEm0ji + Spr1n6tr4px_39 - Managers
👷 ThePlague_Doctor1342 + DarkBlox264 + FN4F  + Baggy_Official  - Builders

👷Aaron_Oaipu + Glancezz + BlackFireWolfGamer - Beta Testers
👷LisiPatrol - Artist

👷Java / MLGproGamer64
👷Drago / freyfrog8

IMPORTANT NOTE: All fan models used have been 100% supported by the original creator.

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