🏝 "Where ocean meets luxury" ☀️

👋 Welcome to West Hotels & Resorts, a luxurious and exotic resort located in the Maldives for your best vacation ever or your best work ever! 🌴

Your stay will be perfect with all the activities you can do! 🏨

☀️ Stay in an Overwater Bungalow!
🌊 Enjoy the beach and the pool with your friends!
🏝️ Try our waterslides and race!
💬 Work and serve customers!

💼 Want a job? Follow these steps!
🥥 Join the group!
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📋 Attend a training!
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You're hired! ⛱️

You can do everything and anything you want just like in an actual hotel! Our tropical hotel and resort is there for you to enjoy at all times! 

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