All Glory to The Most High(I AM THAT I AM) in the Name of Christ

Welcome to Jump WarriorZ. Upon playing the game, you'll be prompted to customise your character. Afterwards, you will then be given a moveset to progress through PVE and PVP with. Obtain more abilities, win the stages and upgrade your kit.

PC Controls:
W(x2): Sprint
Q: Dodge
F: Block
Basic Atk: M1 & M2
Aerial Combo: M1(x4) & M2 & Space
Throw: Block + M2
Awakening: G
Menu: M

⚡️ Acquire skills and perform mixture of basic and aerial combos 
✅ Like the Game for more codes
💥Battle in PVE or Players in PVP
🗺️ Explore Story Mode and Progress

Developers: Kami_Swift, Azuraous, Dave793
Contributors: Leg & Jess
Credits: TakamuraSeiji, NismoGTR, MyrouZin 
(DISCLAIMER): This is just a game and not reality.


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