This game is in open testing due to lack of testers. Please be sure to report any bugs to my relevant social links! 

There is a chance for a boss to spawn hourly. There is a notification. 

Premium users receive 10 additional spins an hour. Regular users receive 3 spins. Premium users also receive 30% additional exp.

Most recent codes: derp, hercules (new servers only)

Like Goals : 
15000 Likes = 15 Spin Code

Favorite Goals :
25000 Favorites = 10 Spin Code

 To team up, use the following:
!invite (player name)

Enable fast mode if you experience performance issues!

Controls : 
Jump against a wall to climb.
Sprint = Left Control
Dodge = Q
Attack = Mouse Click
Skills = Press key associated with label. 

Tags : Anime, Magic, Battle, Mansion, Future, Flowers, Re, Zero, Repeating


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