Current Codes: 45KLIKES, 10MVISITS (And secret Codes around the Map!)

Welcome to Super Evolution! Train your Strength, Endurance, Energy and Agility to become the Strongest Saiyan in the Universe! Will you top the Leaderboards and awaken your full potential?

📝 UPDATE 4: 📝
- Reputation - Are you Good or Evil?
- 3 New Leaderboards
- Key Binding
- New INSANE Capsule
- Brand New Ki Type!
- 10 New Quests
- 3 New Stat Upgrades
- New Side Quest NPC
- Glitch Fixing

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🎮 Controls:
 - Charge Ki (PC: Hold 'X' | Console: Hold 'X' Button | Device: Hold Charge Button)
 - Run/Ki Boost (PC: Press CTRL | Console: Press L3 | Device: Hold Boost Button)
 - Block (PC: Hold 'F' | Console: Hold 'B' Button | Device: Hold Block Button)
 - Lock-On (PC: Press 'L' | Console: Right DPAD | Device:

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