A simple alley in the Nobilis District from the year 2035, built on imagination. Yes, everything is hand made, the decals, the buildings, the robots, everything. I have been continually improving in building, so please do not consider this the best I have to offer as it is now rather old. PM me any questions or bugs.

Slow PCs- 1-3
Medium PCs- 4-7
Fast PCs- 8-10

Brief RP notes- The economy is entirely digital, almost everything is. All you need to do to pay is swipe the tablet then you receive a civil notification with the receipt. At the cinema, a ticket is downloaded and when you walk into the hallway to the theaters you dont get arrested.
Wi-fi is free throughout the city, the entire place is connected to a city-wide network, however some places offer better wi-fi so you can do a lot more a lot faster. (city network isn't meant for streaming multiple HD movies or anything taxing)

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