Welcome to room!

What is room?
📹Room is a safe conferencing tool that allows users to meet online, with or without virtual video of their Robloxian avatar.

How do I use room?
Join room from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Once in room you’ll be given three options:
🍀Feeling lucky - match with another random Robloxian in a private room and make a new friend!
🏠Host meeting - you can create a new meeting and share its invitation code with your friends!
🚪Join meeting - simply paste a code that another user has given you and you’ll be loaded into their private room

🦺Is room safe?
All chat is filtered and you can hangup at any time! Please report any bad behavior.

🔒Is room secure?
A room’s host can lock the meeting so that it requires a 4-digit code to enter.

🔗Want to send quick-join links to your friends?
Create a free private server and use its share link to send you and your friends right into a private room.

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