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Pet Simulator X is the latest and greatest game in the Pet Simulator Series with tons of new features and pets!

💰 Collect coins to buy eggs!
🥚 Hatch legendary pets like a Dragon or Unicorn!
🗺️ Unlock and explore new areas & worlds like floating islands!
🔄 Collect and trade pets with other players to become the best!
✨ Upgrade pets or fuse them together!

🎁 Latest Update [10/16] -
😄 30 Player Trading Area!
🎤 Voice Chat!
🐾 10 New Pets!
🥚 2 New Eggs!
🎁 Giant Diamond Present!
🔎 Trade Search!

💡 Join the BIG Games groups for a FREE pet!

🧡 Made with love by Preston

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