Globelore is an original lore created by the JalPro admins.
Genres: Steampunk, Aetherpunk, Plasmapunk Fantasy, RP 
The game has no option to have real fights. 

This game may be heavy on your device, using computer, a good one at that is recommended, as well as a fast internet connection.

Development of this game has ended. No more updates will be made.

Over four hundred years ago in the world Arctus, magic was discovered. By the invention of the Globes, magical crystal balls it was possible to control this power. With it, by training people could reach higher levels of power. Though with all good, there is always evil. A dark portal had opened on Tempus, dark creatures swarming out of it, cursing people. Only light is your ally.

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Want to get in-depth with the lore? Check out the Globelore Wikia.


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