Hey there, and welcome to Soaring's Difficulty Chart Obby!

In this obby, you are able to 'soar' through various obstacles, including ladder flicks, wall hops, block jumps, trusses, head hitters, and more! Since this is a difficulty chart obby, the stages get harder as you progress. 

The current difficulties we have are Effortless, Easy, Medium, Hard, Difficult, Challenging, and Intense. Each difficulty has 25 stages. There are a total of 175 stages.

Thank you for playing! Make sure to drop a like and favorite the game if you enjoyed it! Please be honest with your ratings, as we have put a lot of time and effort into this game. Do not bring down our ratio with a dislike if you rage quit.

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CashyMone_y - Owner/Programmer
MayhemChicken - Developer


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