Welcome, Anti-Lisa Agent. Today, I will be giving you your mission instructions today. today we will defeat Lisa Gaming ROBLOX where you have to storm Lisa Gaming ROBLOX's headquarters. You must sneak into their underground base and destroy Lisa Army's iPads that were used to make alt accounts and subscribers for Lisa Gaming ROBLOX's YouTube channel.

Dear everyone, this game will turn into Raid Bun Bun Girls headquarters by next month or so. the trend is dying down so I have to find ways.

Disclaimer: This game is completely satire and it's not meant to be taken seriously, We do not condone cyberbullying or hate speech, or harassment towards anyone in this game including Lisa as it is against Roblox Community Rules and TOS. That doesn't mean that I support Lisa, but no! I don't support Lisa! This ROBLOX Game has complied with Xbox Guidelines, Roblox Community Rules, and TOS. 

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