Welcome to Thunder Clickers, Grind game Currencies and get on the Top of the leaderboards, Open Eggs and discover amazing OP multipliers pets, Unlock all the worlds and all the titles!

I recently released a new game so thats what new game stands for, please do enter the huge eggstra hatchers teleport in the game to join Eggstra Hatchers!


⚡ Quick updates ⚡
🍀Added a 1,000x luck event that will last some time!

⚡ Update 14 Change log ⚡
🎉Thank you all so much for 1M visits!
🥚 2 New Eggs
🥚 1M Egg
🥚 Staff Egg
🤫2 New Codes
🐾16 New Pets
🌟2 New secrets
⭐2 New Titles
⭐New special stock pet
🛠️Fixed some bugged titles
🐛Fixed bugs!
⭐More exciting things will be coming to the game soon!!

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