it is a nice summer 2007 day

- by deleting the following roblox ingame image files:
+     rbxasset://textures/ui/TopBar/iconBase.png
+     rbxasset://textures/ui/TopBar/coloredlogo.png
- you can experience the like if it was the year
- well, only if you know what you're doing

(this dialogue means the date is not march but props to people who found the client)
+ special thanks to the people who got the march 2007 roblox client which allowed me for further inspection of how it worked, even though i could have just used a later date version (i just think it was neat)

+ If you can, join the server to be notified whenever the engine has been updated or a map has been changed (or just discuss)

thanks GroovyDominoes52 pretty cool

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