PREMIUM BENIFITS: 1.5X Cash and XP boost in-game!!!

Foam FPS is a foam flinging first person shooter where you tag your friends and foes in an ultimate foam flinging experience! You'll be able to customize between 40+ different guns and play on multiple maps and game modes!

Version 6 (v6.21) 9/17/21 changelog: 
- Massive performance optimizations for projectiles
- Increased the amount of cash you get from tags
- Still rebalancing the guns -_-
- Testing death animation placeholder to fix hitmarker bugs and lag
- Fixed friendly player names
- Fixed autospawn not being able to go back to the menu
- Fixed a gun game bug where you'd get no gun
- Attempting to fix melee's (zombies are good)
- Added the FINISHER as a Level 56 secondary!
- Added a Remastered Riverpass map by Backface_Visibility
- Xbox no longer has separate servers, they play on the same servers as everyone else

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