Currently testing the UI portion of the V5 update as a beta. New maps, guns, and game modes (like gun game) are coming later, I just need to test V5. Let me know about glitches.

Version 5 BETA 3 (v5.05b3) changelog:
- Added the PERSES as an auto primary
- Added a hide chat option in the options menu
- Added new roblox lighting? (doesn't do much)
- Fixed chat positioning
- Fixed killcam glitch after death
- Buffed the HERA and WORKER STRYFE
- Reduced lag for Gym map, will redo spawns later
- Reduced prices for buying cash, reduced buying guns with cash
- New spectator freecam (press K then Shift+P)
- Actually fixed map voting
- Fixed stat loss upon server death
- Fixed level showing 1 more than it actually is
- New overhauled main menu UI (HUD is being worked on)
- New FOV option
- Career tags, deaths, time played, KDR, and game wins are now tracked and are in the options menu.

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