Nerf FPS is a foam flinging first person shooter where you tag your friends and foes in an ultimate foam flinging experience! You'll be able to customize between 27 different guns and play on multiple maps and game modes!

Version 5 BETA 10 (v5.05b10) changelog:
- Attempted to fix FFA time issues
- Added FREE FOR ALL as a new game mode!
- Fixed round ending UI glitches
- Small exploit patch, nerfed PERSES
- Secondary SWORD tags don't count in gun game
- Lowered player count and decreased spawn switching times
- Fixed spawning with no gun in gun game
- Fixed the SWORD in gun game not working properly
- Added GUN GAME as a game mode
- Fixed darts not registering when a lot are being fired quickly
- Added data store 2, fixed player data issues
- Added a custom death system to help make loading faster
- Added an auto-spawn feature
(press M, DpadUp, or the killcam button to spawn back to the main menu)
- New overhauled main menu UI

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