✨ Play Domination, team matches or free for all, alter the levels with skillshots, level up your blasters and character in awesome settings.

⭐ Acquire new Blasters, Abilities, Scopes, Masks, Vests, and Skins!

⭐ New code at 250 000 likes!

⭐ New code: blast150
⭐ Code: blast125k
⭐ Code: megatime
⭐ Code: blast100k
⭐ Code: 10m75k

⭐ Update 14 - 10/11 ⭐ 
🔫 4 New MEGA Blasters 
⭐ New XP levels
🏅 New Badges
📦 A remake of the Item case system 
📦 Removed Item case
⭐ Blaster XP is now earned when you tag an opponent. We have removed Item Cases             
from the game
⭐ Blaster bits have been converted to blaster XP
🗝️ Removed keys from skin crates
🎁 Pastel and Dragon skin crate have been updated to grant skins for all blasters in the game.
⭐ Max level is now 80

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