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Warfare reserves the right to match the team with the mode :)
Hard mode exists, if you want to stack raid horizon!

- Carina is currently reserve only, please request a raid with us a day ahead of time to make sure that UCR will have an active warfare officer on standby. Sorry for inconveniences. 

8v8 Domination

Carina Estate, colloquially referred to as the President's Mansion, is a luxury manor located fifteen miles due east of the Orion Islands. Once the center of vast biodiversity, UCR soldiers cleared the area and in its place designed a stunning residence, drawing inspiration from COD's Raid.

Built by minsauce
Scripted by Kingerman88

Player Commands & Keybinds
M for cursor settings
Z to close chat
:lighting to toggle lighting
:shaders to toggle shaders
:materials to toggle materials

Private Server Commands
!1337 - to start the raid
:teamlock [int] - to set how many people can be on a team

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