An obby that isn’t over dramatically easy.

If you have any more ideas on stages, or find any bugs, let me know in my group!

Welcome to the Mega Fun Long Obby!🎮

-Go through 1150 stages!✨
-Be one of the first to finish this long obby!😎
-Go through different types of stages such as jumps, climbing, moving platforms, etc.🔥
-Collect badges as you progress.🏆
-Buy items and skip stages to help you along your journey.💥
-Your progress saves!✏️

Note: This is really long.

-Fixed 528th stage not showing parts
-Bit buffed the tower near the winners place 

I hope you enjoy it :) 

This obby was built and designed by c00lman9862. He's a cool dude :D


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