Hello! Welcome to Public Apartment and K.W Lift. This is where every Robloxians can have their own rooms! In this apartment, it has 1880 rooms! So what are you waiting for? Follow the steps below to request a room!

1. Join the group. (If you haven't joined the group yet.) 

2. Go to the Housing Office Centre. 

3. Select "Claim your own room! [v4]" and fill out the form!

4. Submit the form and wait for 5-7 working days.

5. Go back to the game and your room is set up, enjoy!
Information about the apartment:
Name: Hoi Goi Public Apartment
Floors: 46+5 basement floors
Lifts: 7
Year of construction: 2022
Style: # style apartment (Twin Tower)
Elevator: K.W ACRO V


There are currently no running experiences.