Join the battle and build your private military base and get access to more than 20 guns and lots of vehicles! Don't forget to thumbs up and favorite the game if you like it! 

📲 Military Warfare Tycoon is now also playable on mobile and tablet devices! Play it for a free in-game weapon!

💰 Join the Saikou community to receive +5.000 starter cash!

🚩 Completing missions give you in-game rewards, such as cash bonusses or items! All obtainable rewards can be found in the badge descriptions.

Version 2.0.1
~ Fixed scoping on mobile devices; must be in first-person to activate
+ Shorter reloads, increased bullet speeds for all firearms
+ Reworked weapons and vehicles
+ Better support for mobile platforms
+ Game servers can now hold up to 8 players instead of 6
+ Railgun charging
+ Added new weapon: Dual SMGs
+ Balance changes
- Removed the Flamethrower
~ Bug fixes


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