+ Trading is now in the game! ⇄
+ New mode, Elimination! 
+ New backpack menu, can be used to view your items, Rename, Craft, and open Crates.
+ New Maps! (Alley, Mercy, Nuclear, Kingdom)
+ Spectate is back in the game!
+ Giftable gamepasses can be purchased in-game!
+ Improved melee hit detection.
+ Weapons can be "Stolen" from other players on death!
+ Radio makeover and song limit increased.
.. and more!

- Radio is now a gamepass due to widespread misuse.
- Rewards are no longer available in VIP Servers.
* Changes to how kill rewards are distributed.

A big thank you to the awesome people that made this game possible: TrustMeImRussian, nettimato, Mii_BrawIer, GesaffeIstein, Rastamypasta, 2Hex, PastaFTW and Locard!

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