Latest Update: Beta 0.2.5
- Big systems testing update
- Added lots of trees
- Fixed unanchored fences

**This game is currently unfinished and in beta testing. The map is INCOMPLETE and there WILL be bugs and glitches!**

Welcome to Brunswick. Brunswick is a French town in the Baie Township of Terre de Prospérité County in the Orbit Empire. It sits along the Saint Marie River and the Desertlands border.

Map created by: AzNateYT, Blocky_550, Cometzday, Smkee
Buildings by: FlashFantom5431, Chileanfire
Systems by: rialtas, RealGrayBones, fiteuwu, Cometzday
Other contributions from: CardboardLocked, IndyCarFan265, haydenjohnson7105, Playtubers05

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