⚠️Disclaimer: This game is NOT an official event game, meaning you can NOT be awarded accessories for your avatar, only badges.

One year after E.G.G.’s legendary mission, you are sent back to restore a once glorious Candyland. An evil unforeseen force has caused havoc and once again has tampered with a powerful egg.. with 30+ eggs to collect, can you save this Eggverse once again?

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🥚egghulu- Project lead, building, assets, eggs, bakery posters
📝Pat_WasTaken- Scripting and animations
⚒️Saturnellis- Building, obby design, bakery posters
🔨nat160600- Building
🏃JakeRobloxDeveloper- Animations, NPC renders
🌲Noobatom- Sub-tunnels Sub-map, bakery posters
🛑ThatNekoGal- NPC design, bakery posters

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