A social hangout somewhere in the eggverse where egg hunters from all around gather around. Chat and flex with other players, and explore to your nostalgic content. Aim for the top of the leaderboards, and have fun. The way our system works is your inventory is scanned through looking for specific IDs, which adds up your egg total from official Roblox egg hunts!

A game by Vibin' Squad.

JOIN this group to access a special group room in-game:!/about

Lataus - Head Builder
yoshi8080 - Head Scripter
PatWasTaken - Sword fighting arena scripts
Saturnellis - Building of obbies

NickPatella - Piano script/UIs
Rebooters of Robloxia - various restored assets from The Vault rooms
DevForHire - Several in-game textures.

DISCLAIMER: This game will not award you any virtual accessories from badge egg rewards. They are merely badge achievements you can obtain for fun.


There are currently no running experiences.