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Welcome to Pet Tower Defense!
🐾Use your Pets to defeat waves of enemy pets
⚔️Each Pet comes with special abilities
🌀Join your friends and take on the Story Mode or Infinite Mode
🥚 Hatch Pets from the Hatchery. Collect them all!

🎮 Update 1 🎮
🌋New Map: Volcano
🐾Blueflame Coal(Legendary)
🐾Greedy Leprechaun(Epic): Gives money every wave!
Pity System: 60 hatches guarantee a Legendary Pet. Resets whenever a Legendary is hatched
VIP Gamepass: Gives a title, chat tag, faster leveling, and more gems from Ranch Mode

🎮Creator: coolbulls
🔨Contributor: d5no

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